What our customers think of OK Beauty Hair Collection

Have you ordered some beauty-stuff from an online store and it didn’t satisfy your expectations? To avoid such problems, we regularly poll our favorite customers and ask them to share their impressions of the purchase.

Three girls, three different opinions and a complete overview of the bestselling products. Today we will take a look at volumizing shampoo and conditioner, scalp cleansing and nourishing masks for damaged hair.

Shampoos, conditioners and masks from the OK Beauty Hair series are intended to support the health and beauty of hair. All products are created in collaboration with the best trichologists and stylists, therefore they give visible results after the first application. They create natural root volume even on thin hair types, help getting rid of dandruff and provide thermal protection during styling. And what other advantages our customers have noted?

Kathlyn is 30 years old, “Volumize even thin and weak hair”

I have naturally thin and straight hair. In fact, there is nothing to complain about until you want to do some fashionable styling. My hair doesn't curl on a regular hair dryer. The curls break up even when you turn on the extremely hot temperature and then fix them with a super resistant hair spray.

I met your brand last summer. I bought a Cool & Firm Body Scrub, which refreshes you in summer heat. Back there I accidentally ignored the hair collection. Once I received an email comercial representing hair products, in particular just shampoo and conditioner. I made an order and was pleasantly surprised with the fast delivery.

Clarifying & Volumizing Shampoo had a pretty nice smell, it foams well, but I poured more just in case. By the way Moisturize & Volumize Conditioner stroke with the same aroma, plus it was not greasy and washed off well. After that I styled my hair without any  problems.

Honestly, I did not notice the extreme volume and it's fine. But the hair rose a little closer to the roots. It became softer. There was no need to use hair spray. I was so happy and felt as if I'd visited a beauty salon.

Dorothy is 35 years old, “ My hair isn’t afraid of styling devices anymore”

I love experimenting with hairstyles and coloring. And I did everything radically. For example, from a brown-haired woman to a platinum blond. For some parties I twisted curls with a curling iron and used a lot of hair spray. Guess what happened a couple of months later? The hair not only became dry, but began to fall out intesively, constantly got tangled. I started to panic, despite it being my fault.

First of all,  I visited a trichologist. He said that I burned my hair and it was necessary to restore it slowly. I had to buy medicated shampoos and conditioners at the pharmacy. It seemed that the situation began to improve, but the dryness remained. And I was on vacation, and I got really worried that under the sun my hair would weaken even more. In the end, as soon as my friend and I arrived at the hotel, she took out a purple jar and handed it to me. I was like: What's this? She told me about your brand and assured me that OK Beauty Repair & Recovery mask makes wonders even with the most hopeless hair. Alright! Why not.

After dinner I went to wash my hair, and instead of balm, I scooped up the mask and applied it toward the ends. The texture was creamy and thick. After ten minutes I washed it off, wrapped it in a towel and went out onto the balcony to dry my hair naturally.

The mask really worked! Hair became noticeably softer, even a slight shine appeared. I took the jar from my friend. I use it a couple of times a week but progress is already visible. By the way, if you go to the sea, take that mask. It softens hair well after saltwater.

Anne is 27 years old, “Now I wash my hair less often”

Not so long ago I shortened my hair because it always looked like a mess. I went to the salon and asked to cut them off. It turned out awesome, I was very pleased. I also bought shampoo and conditioner for colored hair to prolong the effect. And then there happened an unexpected prank. When my hair was longer, I washed it every three days. They remained clean along their entire length, so the roots did not turn greasy.

But with short hair this is a disaster. On the second day, they looked like I smeared them with oil. I thought the shampoo was not the right one. I called my hairdresser. She said that perhaps I did not purify my scalp well and sebum remained there. In a nutshell, I needed to do peeling with a scrub. I followed the advice and began to surf the Internet.

I found your website and Wake Up & Peel Scalp. The instructions said that it should be used before shampoo, rubbed in with massage movements and kept for 5 minutes. I squeezed out a little, began to rub, but it seemed to me that it just dissolved. I added a little more, tied a low ponytail and waited.

I washed off the mask with cool water. Used a regular shampoo. You can’t imagine how well it began to foam. This has never happened. It was also cool that the mask didn't have a strong smell. On the first day the hair looked awesome. Clean, soft, well-looking.

After had woken up the following morning, I looked in the mirror. The roots looked absolutely clean and did not stick together. I was in a pleasant shock. Thankfully now I wash my hair only after two days.

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